WineShield™ Wine Club Packaging
Combining Performance, Space Savings, Sustainable Environmental Practices & Economy
  • Stronger and more durable than molded pulp or EPS foam shippers.

  • Insulation properties of molded EPS foam – comparison tested in accordance with ISTA 7D summer profile.

  • Has repeatedly passed ISTA 1A & 3A testing.

  • Delivered and stored flat providing savings over both pulp and foam on in-bound freight and storage.

  • No assembly required – easily sets up and quickly inserts to ensure protection against damage.

  • High quality – Low cost.

  • Accommodates a full range of 375ml, 750ml and 1.5L wine bottles.

  • 750ml available in 1-2-3-4-6-9 & 12 Packs.

  • All natural Kraft corrugated.


US PATENT 8230997
(Side cut away to show interior)
We’re Green
100% Recyclable
100% Biodegradable
100% Compostable

"I just wanted to say that I think it’s great that you moved to a new, more eco-friendly shipping box. Nice work!"
Abundance Vineyards Wine Club Member

"We use WineShield because it provides stronger and better protection for our wines - and I like that it conforms to various bottle shapes and sizes that we use.  But the single, most important reason we ship our wines in WineShield shippers is because it is the best and most ideal, ecologically-friendly packaging available!  Not only is it 100% recyclable, but it's manufactured from recycled material as well. And we all need to do our part to take better care of the environment."
Charles Whittaker
Tasting Room Manager,
Nicholson Ranch,
Sonoma, CA

"We have been extremely happy we switched our wine club shippers from molded pulp to the new WineShield™ corrugated shippers. Our breakage has gone way down…to almost zero. That means less headaches for us and happier consumers. Thanks PakSource for providing us something that works! "
Rutherford Grove Winery

"We switched from Styrofoam to WineShield™ corrugated shippers, and we feel so much better about our ecological footprint. It makes it easier for our customers to recycle the packaging after delivery and feel good about it. They also take up less space and are far less expensive than past shippers we have used! "
Erin Manus
Director of Hospitality
Harvest Moon Estate & Winery
Santa Rosa, CA

"We have had zero breakage since changing to WineShield™ packaging for our wine club and tasting room shipments. "
Markus Niggli
Wine Maker
Borra Winery
Lodi, CA

"WineShield™ shippers are a great product! We abandoned Styrofoam many years ago to minimize landfill impact, and we were using pulp trays. After working with WineShield™ for the last six months we are very happy. No broken bottles, no scuffed labels, and customers have even contacted us praising us on our innovative shipping materials. Once you get the hang of using WineShield, I think it is even faster to pack then using pulp trays. "
Roger Hayes
Vice President, CFO
Neal Family Vineyards
Howell Mountain, CA